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CEA Region 3

CEA Region III


2018 Region 3 Teacher of the Year

2018 Region 3 Teacher of the Year

Anthony Randazzo - Ohio


Anthony Randazzo

Career Based Intervention Instructor

Indian River High School

Ohio Department of Youth Services

I am Anthony Randazzo and I have devoted myself to 17 years in education. I am currently a Career Based Intervention (CBI) Coordinator at Indian River High School. Eleven years prior to this position, I helped students achieve their goals as an Intervention Specialist.   I believe in the words of Dostoevsky who stated, “You can judge a society by how well it treats its prisoners.”

I create a welcoming and positive environment in my classroom by being “firm, fair, and consistent.” As a result, I want my students to feel safe which allows them to learn as much as possible about future careers. I emphasize love and forgiveness each day. My choices are strengthened by my personal beliefs.  I believe we are all called to make a difference and working in corrections gives the opportunity each day.    

Presenting real life projects is the most effective way to reach our students.  Project Based Learning (PBL) activities that I have implemented include: students attending college classes, growing flowers and vegetables from seed to donate/sell to the community, CPR/First AID certification for students, a school recycling crew, a community park cleanup crew and a painting crew.  This July, we will be building toothpick bridges, which challenges students to stay within a budget while competing for the strongest bridges. My goal is to have all my students become independent lifelong learners and I try to lead by example.

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