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Friends of Correctional Education

CEA Wisconsin appreciates all the individuals and organzations that provide support to correctional education.  We are in a unique position and have the ability to recognize people, groups, or organizations whose impacts on correctional education are noteworthy.  Please complete the nomination form online or below.


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CEA-Wisconsin recognizes individuals and organizations that have been noteworthy in their support of correctional education.  This may be volunteers who contribute time and effort to an education program, community/agency employees who have presented special workshops, business persons who have donated funds or materials to make programs more effective, or advocates of correctional education in some way.  If such person has contributed to your institution's education program, you may nominate them below.

Nominees may be volunteers who contribute time and effort to an education program, community agency employees who have presented special workshops, businesses who have made unique contributions, or people who have donated time or materials to make programming more effective.  Put simply, those who have advocated to make correctional education better.  If such an individual, organization, or business exists and has made a contribution to your institution's education program submit those name by completing a nomination form online or above.  Note, nominees cannot be employed by the Department of Corrections, Department of Health Services, or a county jail.

2018 - Michael Wahl
2013 - James Batasky, Rita Muwonago, and UW-Milwaukee Educational Opportunity Center
2012 - Richard King, Anne Strauch, and Goodwill Circles of Support
2011 - Thomas Franke and Jane Schaaf
2010 - Frances Bedore, Karolee Behringer, and Ann Beverly

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