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CEA Region 3

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William May - Ohio

CEA Region 3


GED Teacher

Belmont Correctional Institution, Ohio Department of Correction & Rehabilitation

Throughout my youth, countless people reached into my life to make a difference. The Boys and Girls Club taught me how to live, the church taught me why to live, education made it possible to live, and a family that gave me life. Paying forward all the effort and care has been my goal. Consequently, I have 8 years’ experience working for the Boys and Girls Club, 25 years in ministry and 25 years as an Educator. The question I ask is, “How can I help!”

As an Executive of the Massillon Boys and Girls Club, I helped by creating new programs benefitting new members and the community. As a minister, I served churches and communities by creating and supporting food banks, clothing banks and community services. I worked as chaplain and program director at camps. I presently hold services and concerts for nursing homes and assisted living facilities. I play in my church’s praise team.

As an educator, beyond the classroom I helped by coaching, advising classes, assisting with bands and choirs, and serving on building and district leadership teams. As an OCSS Teacher, as instructed by Principal Kent Litzenberger, I created a Title I Program that helps to motivate student learners to come to class, work hard and be successful. I have shared the materials with my colleagues at BeCI, Title I Teachers in OCSS, and other educators at my sessions at 3 CEA-O conferences. I created a Beekeeping Program at BeCI, and am a member of the Crisis Intervention Team.

I am constantly trying to show my four wonderful children, two sons-in law and three Grandchildren, that I love and support them. They have chosen to pay it forward too. For this I am Grateful.

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