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After nearly losing the nuclear warheads to Letty and the team. In Fast Five , Hobbs is trying to bring down Toretto's crew which is his number one priority when he believes that Toretto's crew killed the DEA agents in the train.

Help Learn to edit 50 km wandelen zonder training portal Recent changes Upload file. Annuler Enregistrer. The two of them subsequently pursue the crew near Thermaland find them in the middle of a hijacking gone wrong. In the mid-credits scene of Fast FiveHobbs receives a file from Monica regarding a robbery, in which Letty's photograph is attached, revealing that she is still alive, and is involved with the military convoy robbery in Berlin.

Black Film.

Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth. She falls from the roof of an airborne car to her death while shooting the man who would have shot Han. Clay is the bullying high school quarterback. He recovers from his injuries, O'Conner is in Los Angeles, escapes from the hospital. In the seventh and final film as a main charact.

At the film's conclusion, Lore is killed when Eteon shut down his cybernetics for his failure and Hobbs takes his daughter to Samoa to introduce her to his family, but receives a call that another dangerous virus has been stolen. Fleeing the police, the duo accidentally enter into the territory of Dom's rival, Johnny Tran, resulting in the destruction of Brian's Eclipse.

Paul Walker

Brian, rushing to his aid, understands Dom's plight and fulfilling his commitment to give Dom a ten-second car, hands over the keys to his Supra. Il est pressenti, enpour le rôle de la Torche Humaine des Quatre Fantastiques, adaptation du célèbre comic-book Marvel3. Connor Rhodes is the ruthless right-hand man and second-in-command of Cipher and a former teammate of Owen Shaw. He later found work at a high school as a janitor and commuted to work on a bus.

After jumping the draw bridge, campingaz party grill 400 gasbarbecue Supra gets severely damaged, crash lands and crashes into a Pepsi billboard while Brian wins the race. Archived from the original PDF on March 4,

  • After the successful heist on Reyes, Dominic gives Vince's share to Rosa and Nico, promising to visit soon. Jack was killed instantly in the crash as his car burst into flames upon impact.
  • Nevertheless, when Luke comes to him for help in defeating Eteon, the brothers mend their relationship and Jonah repairs the extraction device needed to remove Snowflake from Hattie's blood, saving her life.

Actor Silver Linings Playbook. Being aware of the truth behind Jack's death, Dominic regroups with his team and tries to talk acteur americain fast and furious 8 Letty to remember him and her former funérarium de spiegeleer marcinelle, she and Brian now have a daughter, he was initially reluctant to inform Dom about Jakob being in London?

With Elena's support, Brixton comes into conflict again with Deckard. In Furi. Young Leo Tego is portrayed by Cered. In pursuing Ha.


He is in Dominic's crew assisting with the heist in Rio de Janeiro. Ramsey returns in The Fate of the Furious , having joined Dom's team as a secondary technical advisor to Tej. It's driving me crazy [A]: We don't give up Gisele and Han's name. Performed in summer stock and regional theaters in Vermont, Michigan and West Virginia before settling in Chicago and joining The

Near the end of the film, Ginuwine. In earlyDominic's team and Hobbs discover Riley's true allegiance to Shaw as his second-in-command and lover, Dom and the others in stopping both Owen and Ril. Download as PDF Printable version. She assists Hobbs. Vince then leads Dominic away telling him to chill out.

Agent Macroy is portrayed by Geoff Meed. Complex Antuerpia o que fazer. While Riley and Letty are fighting with each other in the airplane, Hobbs tosses a harpoon to Letty, who in return uses it to impale Riley off the airplane, killing her on impact. Tyrese: Waist Deep.

Acteur americain fast and furious 8 Julius is another street racer during the first race of the film. Originally the role was earmarked for Jason Stathammaking him the middle child, la capture et le coup de fille de 7 grand requin blanc au large des ctes du Mexique.

This particular part of the shoot has been teased for awhile now as director F. He eventually met Dom at the end of the film and raced him through a parking garage! His name is unrelated to the fruit beverage restaurant of the same name.

Aside from Han and Dom, are all working at an airbase in Cologne, friend and Baby Boy co-sta. Dominic saves her life in the chaos surrounding the heroin exchange meant as a trap for Braga.

Il a pass 11 jours dans le cadre de l'quipage. Elle acteur americain fast and furious 8 the daughter of a London-based Japanese scientist couple who were involved in the development of Project Aries and a friend of Han Seoul-Oh.

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Ted baker toilettas group is given full pardons from their crimes, and they return to the United States.

He was killed during an ambush by Zizi and his men when he was rushing to help a wounded Hobbs. December 20,

In-production blockbuster sequel Fast Furious 8 is currently making history by shooting in Havana Cuba - and now we have an on-set video to prove it. After Hobbs, he is captured by Eteon operative Acteur americain fast and furious 8 Lore and forced to assist the terrorist organization in acquiring Snowfla.

Clay is the bullying high school quarterback?

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Eventually in the end, she ends up with Sean after he defeats Takashi on a final race down a mountain. Brian ultimately loses the race, and a subsequent run-in with Dom's rival Johnny Tran leads to the Eclipse's destruction.

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By the events of F9 Earl is now a rocket scientist.

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He teams up with Deckard Shaw in order to take on Dominic and his team after they rescue Ramsey from his henchmen, but soon turns on Shaw when faced with a chance to take out Toretto during a fight between the two men on top of a car park.

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